Why Blogging Is More Important Than Ever

Blogging (like what you’re reading right now) has always been important because it keeps your website fresh and alive, and the search engines love this. And with every new post/article you add to your blog, it’s another doorway for someone to enter your website through.

The downside is it takes time and effort to keep up with adding new content. But now with all of Google’s panda SEO craziness, a blog is more important than ever. Reason being, the Grand Master of search engines, Google, has made a tweak to their algorithm that penalizes thin, stale websites. And in their defense, I think this was a good move because it forces everyone to build better websites.

The basic idea behind a blog is that you add new content to your website on a regular basis, preferably weekly. Using this blog as an example, I post articles about SEO, websites, online marketing, etc. So whatever your business is, that’s what the articles would be about. If you’re a fitness instructor, your blog could be about healthy eating, weight loss, exercises, etc.

Now as I said before, the downside to blogging is the time and effort it takes. But you really can’t afford not to have a blog anymore. So what do you do? Outsource. I’ve found some great people on Elance. You can find someone that will write your blog articles for you. Someone with relevant experience and with pricing that fits your budget. They write you weekly articles and then you post them to your blog, or just hire someone to handle your blog full-service.

Update: we now blog for our clients as part of our SEO program unless they already have this area covered. We made this change because of how important blogging is now to SEO and overall website “health”.
Folks, adding a blog to your website is very important now, and for the long term success of your website, I urge you to get the ball rolling!

Dwight Elliott

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