Using Fresh and Unique Content for SEO

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” and it’s very true. A more accurate way to phrase it though is “fresh and unique content is king”.

Search engines love content because it’s their job to give the searcher the content they are looking for. So along those lines, search engines love unique content because they don’t want all 10 results to be identical. That would be poor user experience. And lastly, fresh content is important because the search engines want info that is current.

Golden SEO

A huge part of effective search engine optimization is picking the right keywords, optimizing your website for these keywords and then building backlinks. And then if you can add in unique content that is posted to your website on a regular basis, along with a social media strategy, you’re golden. Can you get results doing just the first 3 things? Absolutely. This is just the ideal SEO situation.

What’s The Best Way?

So what’s the best way to add fresh and unique content to your website? 100% hands down a blog (like what you’re reading right now). Simply attach a blog to your website and then add content to it on a regular basis, preferably 1-2 times per week. Figure out what people are searching for that is related to your product or service by doing keyword research and then write about those topics.

It’s Tough

It’s tough though because it takes time and it’s hard to keep up with it.  Or just find someone on to outsource the writing too. Make sure the person is qualified and check to make sure their content is unique using Don’t go with the cheapest bidder though because it will be reflected in their writing.

Can’t Add a Blog?

If you don’t have a website that makes adding a blog easily, simply write articles and add them to your website. The reason a blog is so great is that it makes adding the content to your site so easy. But if you know how to add pages to your website, you don’t necessarily need a blog. Just make sure when you add the articles to your website, that you update the meta tags so they’re keyword rich. This goes for a blog too, but most blogs usually have SEO plugins that make this a bit more automated.

Dwight Elliott

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