The Line Between SEO and Social Media is Blurring

Effective search engine optimization still very much comes down to the basics:

1. Picking the right keywords
2. Tweaking your website for the keywords
3. Building links to your website

But as you might have heard or seen, social media is playing a growing role in SEO.

Social media is already an awesome marketing vehicle by itself. It’s great for connecting with your audience in a low-pressure environment, branding your products or services and driving traffic to your website. And it’s also now playing a bigger part in getting a website ranked in the search engines.

The search engines have admitted that they look at social signals when ranking websites. They look to see how active and “popular” a website is on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ and the metrics are factored into their ranking algorithm.

And now Google is experimenting with injecting Google+ content into the normal search engine results when you do a search and are signed into Google (assuming you have a Google+ profile).

So what I’m trying to convey here is that the line between SEO and social media is blurring. You can still get great results with SEO alone as I do for all my clients. But in the best case scenario, you should combine traditional SEO with social media marketing.

Social media takes a lot of time, however, so if you have to, just focus on 2 networks instead of all 3. In my personal opinion, Facebook is good if you sell products and Twitter is good if you sell services. And Google+ should be used by all companies because Google has a vested interest in the success of their social media network and they are the 800-pound gorilla!

Dwight Elliott

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