SEO and Website Conversion Rate

As you probably know, search engine optimization is all about enhancing your website so it ranks better in the search engine which results in more targeted traffic.

But this whole process is worthless if this targeted traffic doesn’t result in more leads or revenue. After all, if SEO brings an additional 1,000 visitors to your website each month, for example, but has no impact on leads or revenue, what’s the point?

We no longer take on new SEO clients if we strongly feel that their website needs to be redesigned. After all, we can help their website attract better visitors, but if their website is a poor experience, these new visitors won’t help and our relationship will be short lived.

We recently had a new client approach us and we convinced them they first needed a new site design (which they did!). So we redesigned their website and now we’re doing the SEO and things are looking good.

The ideal situation is to have a clean, professional and usable website with a strong call-to-action. And then combine this with monthly SEO.

And speaking of usability here is a great blog post that will steer you in the right direction to creating an effective website that converts. Enjoy!

Dwight Elliott

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