How Diverse is Your Backlink Profile?

SEO is becoming more and more complicated, but one thing that remains true at the time of this writing is that backlinks are very crucial to the success of your SEO campaign.

Google likes to see backlinks to your website from relevant, quality sources. I’ve found that even backlinks from non-relevant sources help a lot as long as the sources are quality. Spammy backlinks, while they might not get your website penalized, definitely don’t pass any value to your site so why waste your time?

So this leads me to the point of this blog post – another key factor with good backlinks is diversity. If you’re going to build 100 backlinks to your site, don’t get all 100 from the same source. Like a good investment portfolio, diversify!

Mix it up with:

Blog commenting
Social bookmarking
Guest blogging
Directory submissions
Article marketing
Industry backlinks

Assuming you’ve done your keyword research correctly, I promise you that if you focus on getting backlinks from quality sources and you get backlinks from a diverse pool of sources, you will get results with SEO.

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