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Optimizing Your Website’s On Page Factors for SEO

Effective search engine optimization is broken out into two areas: 1. Optimizing on-page factors 2. Optimizing off page factors Optimizing off page factors primarily means building links to your website. Optimizing on-page factors is when you tweak certain sections of your actual website. We’ll go over the on-page factors that are worth paying attention to. …

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Using Fresh and Unique Content for SEO

You’ve probably heard the phrase “content is king” and it’s very true. A more accurate way to phrase it though is “fresh and unique content is king”. Search engines love content because it’s their job to give the searcher the content they are looking for. So along those lines, search engines love unique content because …

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How Diverse is Your Backlink Profile?

SEO is becoming more and more complicated, but one thing that remains true at the time of this writing is that backlinks are very crucial to the success of your SEO campaign. Google likes to see backlinks to your website from relevant, quality sources. I’ve found that even backlinks from non-relevant sources help a lot …

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