Schema markup is more critical with the latest search patterns and Google changes.

If you aren’t acquainted with Schema Markup, basically it’s a way to separately markup elements your site so that search engines can more quickly determine what that specific material is.

specjalista-ds-seoThese markups will not only make sure that your data is shown properly in the SERPs, but can also increase your clickthrough rates. Depending upon the query, Google may display abundant snippets within the results. The more information you provide by doing this, the more likely you are to bring in that click.

( The image to the right shows how Microsoft uses Schema to make sure there are is a lot of details showed for a look for their name.).
Another need to execute Schema Markup is the increasing popularity of voice search and artificial intelligence. By marking up the data on your website, you are making the information simpler to interpret by the spiders, therefore improving the possibilities of ranking boosts.


It appears a bit ridiculous not to have a mobile responsive site these days, however, think it or not, there are still a lot of sites that have actually not executed this modification.

With more and more searches being done on mobile phones, it has actually never ever been more essential to have a mobile responsive site. To keep users on your site, you have to provide them with mobile friendly pages, since if they can’t easily gain access to the material they want, they are going to recuperate to the results page and discover exactly what they are looking for on one of your rivals’ websites.

Keeping clients on your websites isn’t the only reason for implementing a responsive design. Google has strategies to divide their current index, and produce a sseoimageeparate mobile index in the extremely near future.

It’s still a little unclear how the mobile index will work, however it has been specified that it will end up being Google’s primary index. That leads us to think that it will just show mobile friendly material. If your site isn’t there yet, this may be something you wish to add to your priority list, or you will run the risk of being left behind.

Website Speed.

Website speed is a significant part of SEO. If your site isn’t really running like a well-oiled maker, your users are getting annoyed and leave. It’s been said that a one-second hold-up can lead to a 7% reduction in conversions. That’s a great deal of cash being left on the table, specifically for something that can be fairly easy to repair.

Much like we saw with mobile responsive styles, increasing your website speed will not only help keep clients on your site and lead to more conversions, but it is one of the primary ranking elements. Google’s primary goal is to supply their users with an exceptional client experience. seoimageThey do this by promoting websites that have instant reaction times.

Envision being in line at a drive-thru. Every minute seems like 5. The very same goes for your website, but rather of minutes, it’s seconds. Users have gotten used to speed on the Web. If you leave your visitors hanging, awaiting a page to load, they aren’t getting that great client experience they have come to expect.

( Uncertain how your website compares? Google uses a page speed test here.).

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Small Business SEO

If you have a website that isn’t optimized, it most likely won’t rank in the search engines for keyword search phrases relevant to your business. As a result, the website is simply a place to point people to, but it’s not actively working for you 24/7. When potential customers turn to the search engines to find your product or service, do you want your website to show up in the search results? Of course.

The answer is Search Engine Optimization. SEO is the process of fine-tuning your website so it shows up in the search engines for free, targeted traffic. This is where we can help you. A typical customer for us is a small business owner that has a website, but needs help optimizing it. Click here to order and get started.

Website Booster Shot Program

Website Booster ShotOur service is not an ongoing SEO program with long-term commitments. We describe our service as a website booster shot. We’ll do a handful of things to your website that will optimize it for the search engines so it attracts potential customers. Things we’re very certain most of your competitors aren’t doing.

Here they are:

Step 1: We do research to identify keyword search phrases targeted to your business.
Step 2: We optimize your website to reflect these keyword search phrases.
Step 3: We build 50 links to your website based around these keyword search phrases.
Step 4: We submit your website information to 100 quality online directories.
Step 5: We submit your website information to 65 social bookmarking sites.
Step 6: We submit your business information to 90 local online directories.

Proof Our Program Works

SEO ResultsWe applied our website booster shot to It was a brand new website when we started, but the website still began generating targeted traffic after only 3 months based around the keyword search phrases we optimized it for: Long Island Electrician, Nassau County Electrician and Suffolk County Electrician.

In a recent 3 month period, the websitehas received traffic from 40 different variations of the targeted keywords above. Click here for a 2-page PDF of proof. And here’s an email we received from them: “Ryan, we have been getting both calls and emails from the website which is great. It’s definitely starting to pick up. We have been getting some pretty decent leads off of it. So it seems all of your work is paying off. We can’t thank you enough.

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